Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary With Fer Juaristi

Episode Summary

Simon & Gregg from Cinemate are talking to Mexican wedding photographer Fer Juaristi about the amazing creative shots he creates with his couples and how he finds the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Episode Notes

You're listening to Perspective || a podcast for wedding creatives, where we sit down, often with a special guest and talk about our many years of experience in the wedding industry.

In the studio with us today, is the one and only, Fer Juristi who's come all the way over from Mexico to chat with us!

Of course, Fer didn't travel all this way just to be on our podcast but has been traveling around Europe for a few workshops.

This episode is about finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. Something that many photographers struggle with.

We'll not only will we get into the origin of Fer's story but his journey and approach to shooting weddings and how he takes advantage of limitations rather than have the limitations taking advantage of him!

Well also talk about Instagram, prostitution and Philomena and if your thinking you have no idea what I'm talking about then you have the keep listening!

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