025 : The business of wedding photography with Cole Roberts of Nordica Photography

Episode Summary

Simon & Gregg from Cinemate are talking to Cole Roberts from Nordica Photography about the business of wedding photography, side business and education in the wedding industry.

Episode Notes

You're listening to Perspective || a podcast for wedding creatives, where we sit down, often with a special guest and talk about our many years of experience in the wedding industry.

Joining us today from over the web is Cole Roberts, famed for his photography business Nordica, Kolla, his online print shops and of course Way Up North, one of Europe’s biggest wedding photography conferences.

We’ll be bending Coles ear on all of his hustles however the main purpose of this episode is to discuss “The business of wedding photography.”

It’s probably the case that most you listening fell in love with photography and videography as a craft, perhaps even as an outlet for your creativity! However who among you can say that you have an equal love and respect for the business side of your business!

If you feeling disconnected from the inner working of your brand then this episode will help you gain perspective on the matter and allow you to get to grips with the fundamentals of maintaining and even growing a successful business.

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