023 : Relocating to Italy with Dan Sauer

Episode Summary

Simon & Gregg from Cinemate are talking to Dan Sauer about how he recently moved his business from California to Florence, Italy. As well as the networks and tactics he is using to establish his presence in the European market.

Episode Notes

You're listening to Perspective || a podcast for wedding creatives, where Simon & Gregg sit down, often with a special guest and talk about their many years of experience in the wedding industry.

This is our third and final episode in our series on moving your business to a new location and today we're talking to Dan Sauer on this topic. Unlike our last two guests, Dan didn't choose to move his business to another country, in fact, he was forced to take these steps. Moving from the US to Italy in order to maintain doing the job he loves while being with the ones that he loves, his family!

Dan brings an alternative perspective to the conversation about moving your business to a new country.

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