009 : Refining Your Brand with Walnut Wasp

Episode Summary

Welcome to Perspective || a podcast for wedding suppliers.
In today's episode 009 titled 'Refining your brand', Simon and Gregg sit down with David McGinty and Gail Kelly of creative agency Walnut Wasp to talk about how you can refine your brand image. David and Gail have been in the wedding industry for a number of years, you could very easily describe these two as a power couple, together they form not only Walnut Wasp, but many other businesses including the funk/soul band Nick Bruce and the Blinding Lights, Urban wedding photography, Rooftop Mosiac as well as host multiple workshops for fusion photography and marketing, leading them to be the perfect guests to talk about branding. A candid discussion is had about the importance of brand image as well as how differentiating and niching down can help your business. This episode is a must for those who haven’t gone through a branding process no matter the company you manage. Even if you have gone through the process David and Gail offer insight as to why you'd want to look at your branding more closely, after all, branding is more than just a new logo. ### Links Mentioned: * What we're drinking: [The Good Coffee Cartel - Koke]( * [Nick Bruce and the Blinding Lights]( * [Wedding Marketing 101]( * [Photography Farm Video]( * [Fusion Workshop]( * [Rooftop Mosaic]( ### Follow Walnut Wasp: * [Website]( * [Instagram]( * [Facebook]( ### Follow Us: * [Website]( * [Instagram]( * [Facebook]( * [Youtube]( Send us a DM on [Instagram]( or e-mail any questions to []( [If you haven't already, we'd love if you would take 1 minute to leave us a review on iTunes!]( [Music Licensed via](