006 : Shooting with intention with Neil Thomas Douglas

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In this episode titled 'Shooting with intention', Simon and Gregg sit down with Neil Thomas Douglas to discuss certain photography mindsets, making your own luck and how to take control at a wedding.

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Welcome to Perspective || a podcast for wedding suppliers.
In today's episode titled 'Shooting with intention', Simon and Gregg leave the office and take a jaunt across town visit their friend, Neil Thomas Douglas a well-established wedding photographer not only known for his epic hero shots but also shooting surprise wedding crasher Roger Daltrey, of The Who fame and his infamous doppelganger meet up.

They discuss working with opportunities even if they don't present themselves at first glance and how you to can benefit from a little control. Cinemate take the dangerous steps, so you don't have to and dive into Neil's head and talk with him about his photography mindset and how he approaches weddings.

This episode is another one for all you wedding photographers and filmmakers out there as we cover controlling situations, composition and the who's (pun intended) the what's the why's and wheres of photography and film theory.

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